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Feeding the homeless through out the pandemic: Hope For Homeless Project

Sammy Shields and this amazing project continued through out the pandemic, feeding those in need, and putting their own health at risk.

Hope for homeless were lucky enough during the pandemic to receive donated items by setting up an Amazon wish list where people could purchase the items on their behalf keeping social distancing and unnecessary contact to a minimum.

The items donated via the wish list were used to make hot meals to those that were in need during this time.

With lockdown happening, that also meant that a lot of the services that the homeless were accessing came to a pause.

With out the garage cafe and the work that Hope For Homeless has been doing during the lockdown, things would have been a while lot tougher!

We at Omnium Radio say a BIG WELL DONE to all involved!

Sammy Shields has received a nomination for the Community Volunteer of the Year Award follow the link to nominate someone you think deserves an award.

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