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Plymouth's Korean Delight - In Seoul BBQ and Hot Pot

Image: Ross Birchall

The west end is becoming best known for its multicultural food, such as, Thai, Carribbean, Greek, Portuguese and more... And now to join the options is Korean.

In Seoul BBQ and Hot Pot recently opened its doors down on Market Avenue in what many locals would remember as the McColls convenience store.

Image: Omnium Radio CIC

The Korean style BBQ house offers many options on their menu such as Korean Fries Chicken, Rice & Noodles Dishes, BBQ Spare Ribs, Hot Pot and much more.

The above images is the Mixed Meat Set Menu BBQ for 2-3 people.

The amazing thing about the BBQ is that you get to choose how to prepare and cook your food.

You can mix and match the ingredients and cook them on the hot plate to your exact liking.

No need to ask for Well Done beef!

The meats come amazingly marinaded and ready for you to place on the BBQ at your own pace (Ideal for those people that like to talk a lot between mouthfuls).

Image: Omnium Radio CIC

The above photo shows how we cooked the pork belly strips topped with green chilli.

And wow was it one big chilli!

Image: Omnium Radio CIC
Image: Omnium Radio CIC

We spoke to the owner after our meal who explained in order to make the restaurant as authentic as possible, he even went to Korea with his wife to do some research.

He even explained how he altered the whole buildings layout including replacing the flooring and building new toilets in order to ensure the building was wheelchair accessible so everyone can enjoy Korean food no matter what their physical ability is.

Today we managed to visit by chance, and because they were fully booked, we had to go back and hour later. So booking would be advisable and already it's a very popular place to eat.

In Seoul

01752 212786

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